Adcurve - Boost your profit

AdCurve implementation guide

AdCurve is a unique platform to maximise profit from your online marketing campaigns.
We submit perfect feeds to all the different advertising channels you use and we track and measure the results from every ad on every publisher.

You are therefore requested to complete the following 2 implementation steps:

Send products to adcurve

AdCurve requires to have the data of all your products.
For every publisher that you select, we will generate a feed that matches the exact specifications of the publisher.

For achieving this purpose you can send a data feed or use API calls:

  • - Submit a data feed: In this documentation you find the feed specifications that we require.
  • - Send API calls for creation and update of products: In this documentation you can find all the instructions.

Implement the AdCurve tags on your website

In order to measure all traffic and orders correctly you are requested to implement our tracking and order tags on your site.

You can easily copy the tags and paste them on the appropriate pages following the steps in this documentation